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A very original way to providing information about your business!


A rip business card is a flyer-look-alike card that provides information about the company/business and its services, and provides a business card that can easily be rip-off the flyer and saved for some future use. This way, your clients can save your business card right away in their wallet, instead of bothering with the entire flyer. It looks more professional and is a more practical way of attracting new clients. Our rip business card prints:


  • Are available in different sizes
  • Have different style options (business card with door hanger, business card with flyer, business card with postcard)
  • Have different paper stock qualities
  • Have different quantity order options

Download Guideline Template For Door Hangers:


Back3.5" x 8.5"
Front3.5" x 8.5"
Back4.25" x 11"
Front4.25" x 11"
Back5.5" x 17"
Front5.5" x 17"


What our customers are saying:
Door hangers can be an efficient promotional tool, and I had exactly this is mind when I hired 55 printing. Thanks guys.
R Bailey, Chatsworth
My customers are in love with the door hangers prints that I gave them. They tell me it’s their kids’ favorite. Thanks guys for making the job so smooth at my end. I will definitely recommend you to others. And finally, I need to mention your high quality and decent prices.
Michelle Bradman, Baldwin Park
Thanks everyone at the 55 printing team for making my business successful. I owe it to you guys!
Pete Jones, Inglewood

Door hangers printing and the key to successful advertising


Most people may have been used to advertising their business or service through flyers, brochures, postcards, and other printed materials because they believe this is the cheapest way to do it.  There is however another way of advertising that is equally cost-effective and that is through the use of door hangers.


A door hanger flyer is an excellent means of gaining exposure for your business or service at a low overall cost, thereby gaining more revenue for your business.  With a door hanger you are able to reach your potential clients by location without spending on postal fees.  With custom door hangers you are able to personally maximize the scope of your target market starting from residential communities to specific business establishments.


With a little effort on market research you will be able to get to know your potential clients and identify their needs.  This way you will be able to create a door hanger that gives answers to what is most important to them and adapts to their need.


You have an option to either create your own door hanger or have them printed by an online print store.  If you opt to create your own door hanger you simply need to browse through the door hanger templates free websites that can give you numerous designs to choose from.  The only thing you need to keep in mind as you go through the selection process is to make sure that the designs you pick out represent your business or service well enough to make a good impression on those who will read them.


It is also important to remember that your door hanger contains images and texts that are sure to grab your readers’ attention and at the same time give them concise and complete information about your business or service.  Of primary importance here are details such as your contact information and everything that your business has to offer.  You can also include coupons and special discounts that are sure to keep your clients coming back for more.


A door hanger is suitable for any kind of business and service.  First among the list are businesses and services that are house-related like plumbing, insurance, house cleaning, home improvement, furniture, fences, lawn care, laundry, handyman and many others.


Templates for door hangers are readily available for every business need and there is definitely one that will be a good match for your kind of business.  Of course, everything will work out well if you initially did your part in the planning and preparation of your contents and texts making it easier for you to decide on how your hangers will look like.  It is an inevitable part of any undertaking so whether yours is a small-scale or growing business you have to do your part in all the preparation to ensure that your target market receives exactly what they need. 


Door hanger flyers are now shaping its form and not taking a back seat in the advertising industry.  Small and large scale businesses alike are seeing the fruits of a door to door method of business promotion as one of the most effective way of bringing their products and service closer to the market.


A door hanger has its own list of commendable advantages that is sure to benefit any kind of business, service or industry.  So whether you choose to make your own door hangers or get the services of a door hanger template illustrator you always get the best results where your company’s name gains much and your returns increase as well.

Door Hangers


One of its advantages is that a door hanger is a unique and modernized form of advertising.  People have been so used to seeing the conventional styles of print advertising so this will definitely come as a step up from the old patterns and your potential clients will definitely appreciate the change.  Its unique and attractive design will most likely be an attractive reading material for any kind of reader.


A door hanger template allows for brief but informative texts and images so that the reader gets the whole picture and gets every bit of necessary information in no time at all.  The size of a standard door hanger can get the busiest potential client to keep reading because in just a few minutes everything that he needs to know are presented to him in an organized and attractive manner.


Another advantage is that by using a door hanger to advertise your product or service, you can be sure that more than one potential client gets to read it and gets all the information.  This is so because hangers are so handy, you can take it anywhere with you, you can tuck it in together with your other stuff and pass it on from one family member to another and even to your friends.


Finally, a door hanger is a cost-effective and easier way of promoting your product or service.  To get them to the hands of your potential clients, you simply distribute them in your community and in your local establishments.  Distributing them outside of that is another plus because you get a wider scope of readership and you get to personally meet up with people outside of your locality.


You can even cut on costs some more if you opt to make them on your own.  You simply check out the door hangers templates free download on any websites available and you are well on your way to producing printed hangers without the extra costs and waiting time for delivery.  You see, we can never be too wise when it comes to meeting our company’s budget needs.  All we need is some amount of optimism and a good amount of creativity.


 A door hanger comes in different types and sizes.  Depending on your business, service or industry, a hanger will come in handy to spread the word and get you closer to your target customers.


The mini door hanger measures around 3.5” x 8.5”.  These hangers are great for short messages and information that can be detailed in just a few words.  They can also include a few images to support the texts.


The standard door hanger or the tall hanger measures around 4.25” x 11”.  These hangers are the most commonly used because they have enough room for more texts and additional images.  These hangers can also contain discount coupons and business cards that can be torn off at any time that it may be used.  A 4.25” x 11” door hanger template can be found online featuring various styles and designs to match different kinds of business.


The jumbo door hanger or the wide hanger measures around 5.5” x 8.5”.  It has a wider space; therefore there is ample room for more information and images to make your business known in a more detailed way.  After every bit of necessary information and image is put in, you can still include discount coupons and business cards along with it.


Customizable door hangers can also be made to fit the themes of any kind of business, service or industry.  Door hanger templates are available from any online print stores.  Then again you can also avail of free door hanger templates downloads if you opt to make your hangers on your own and create something that really works for you and is a perfect match for your business.


A door hanger template is available for any kind of business.  For indoor services like the internet, laundry, plumbing, furniture, home improvement, house cleaning and others related to that, there is definitely a custom door hanger available.  Now there are also templates for outdoor services like lawn care, yard fences or pool service.  And many more businesses like cars, cell phones, medical, mortgage, real estate, health, medical needs and schools to name a few.


Now if you choose to have your door hanger produced by an online print store, you simply decide on the size of your hangers and the paper stock.  Whether you go for a door hanger paper stock or a door hanger card stock type, do make sure that it will be the one that will portray your business and company name in the best possible way.  Durability is better that low costs so make sure that the type you choose stands wear and tear for a longer period of time.


Other services that an online print store can offer you are die cut door hangers, printing on both sides for more available space for your texts and images and choices between glossy cardstock and matte cardstock.    


A door hanger has the capacity to be an effective marketing tool if given the right preparation and sent out to a wider range of locality.  Just a good amount of creativity on your part and working with the right online print store you can make door hangers that are perfectly customized to your business or service needs.


If you are on a tight budget and you need fast results at the same time, ordering your door hanger from online print stores and having your hangers produced from their door hanger flyer template design selections, you are on your way to getting the results you need at the shortest time possible.


Here are some helps to get you on the right track on how to make door hanger flyers from online print stores from the convenience of your home or office computer.


Begin with a door hanger idea first.  You can do this by browsing through door hangers templates free selections from the internet or looking at any template for door hanger that is readily available for you from your chosen online print store.  There are in fact numerous designs that you can get your hands on, so to narrow down your choices and to save you more time, keep in mind that you should go for designs that will match the goal and objective of your business or service.


It is also important to remember that the images you choose, including the color combinations and schemes, as well as the font style and size that you use for your door hanger points to the same direction as your goal and objective.  This will enable you to come up with a design that focuses on a unifying idea that makes it easier for your readers to understand your central message.


The next thing to consider when you make a door hanger is to create an appropriate content to get your message across most effectively.  Your content and texts should contain statements on the benefits and advantages of using your product or service.  More importantly, your potential clients should clearly understand how their lives will be made much easier because of your company’s product or service.


Finally, get the services of your chosen online print store to get the job done of creating the best door hanger for you.  With all the convenience of doing all the transactions online without having to leave your home or office, your online print store delivers your hangers right on your doorstep.  After giving your specifications on the design and the texts, agree on a delivery schedule that is most convenient for you.  Online print stores have various options on shipping and delivery.  Rates may vary especially for next day or same day printing and delivery but if you have done all the necessary preparations beforehand and clarified every detail before the printing, you have nothing else to worry about.


With the ever-increasing number of small and large scale businesses, it is becoming a real tough challenge for entrepreneurs and business owners to promote and advertise their product and service more effectively to make it stand out from all the competitors, be clearly heard and get to the hands of potential clients.  A door hanger is an excellent tool to answer this dire need.


A door hanger card enables you to introduce your product or service to communities, residential areas and business establishments at any convenient time and with little costs, thereby gaining more exposure for your business and increasing revenue in no time at all.


If you are concerned about costs that you may incur by having your door hanger produced at online print stores, you can always choose to print your own door hangers by simply checking out the free door hanger templates that are readily available online and pick out the ones that will work for you.  In doing so, you can even choose the door hanger stock that will give you more savings but will provide for you the most suitable door hanger for your kind of business.


Now if you need help on how to make a door hanger template you can always inquire online about these concerns.  Your options are endless and there are online print stores that will be able to help you.  Therefore, printing and producing a door hanger becomes a truly easy task for you.


Now, who can benefit from using a door hanger?  Small and large scale businesses alike are the first among the list.  Any company for that matter who wishes to get noticed and get closer to potential clients can gain from this advertising technique.


To be more specific, businesses that deliver products and services right at your doorstep such as a food service, a restaurant with delivery service, a home improvement, repair and cleaning service can profit from these hangers. Add to this roster is the increasing number of groceries, drugstores, apparel shops that provide delivery and shipping services to local clients.  Door hangers templates will most likely be suited for any one of those businesses.


Others that may be included on the list are technological and gadget companies, independently working sales representatives, appliance and furniture stores and other services like salons, beauty parlors, health and fitness gyms, insurance services, real estate and mortgage as well as medical services.


And more and more organizations and groups are also discovering the advantages of using these hangers to spread the word about their advocacies and activities in their own localities.  Among them are political groups, church organizations, clubs and groups that conduct seasonal activities, programs and events.


As you can see, these hangers are flexible and adaptable enough to fit any kind of business and organization as well as their limited budget on hand.

Door hangers are an excellent solution as promotional material, for all those small or even large businesses that are looking to take their business to the next level.

This is at the same time one of the best ways of promoting one business or service, as door hangers are very effective in a lot of ways. Actually, they provide a similar effect as flyers, with one big difference – they are more eye catching, and the customers will definitely need to take a look at them when they are taking them off their door knobs. Door hangers can be made at online and local print stores, and are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and can be made in a very fast turnaround time.


Promotion can be done by using different tactics now that the world has progressed so much.  People go to different extents just for the sake of getting their product known by the society. Where flyers and postcards are being used, there something that has recently gained recognition. Cheap door hangers can be used as a tool for awareness. They can be hanged anywhere on the empty doorknobs and serve two purpose simultaneously. The make the plain door look different as well as serve its purpose of advertising. People come and go to restaurants and public shopping malls all day long, and if our door hangers are somewhere around, they will definitely be noticed. is providing pre punched door hangers which mean you will not have to go through any trouble of cutting out a hole. They are UV covered so you don’t need to worry about them being ruined because of sunlight. As for the sizes, there are multiple sizes offered by 55printing. You can choose whatever suits your product and select that for yourself. A special jump size is also introduced, which will obviously be more visible, thus being a better choice. There are a lot of papers qualities laid out from which you can choose one for yourself. As for the quantity they start at a minimum of 250 and them to thousands. So no matter how big your batch is, you will receive it on time without having to worry about anything. Choose the time you need and grab your door hangers!







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